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Welcome to Schoolyard LTER Page
Education is integral to the LTER Mission, and LTER has begun a broad-scale, long-term effort to combine scientific research and science education.

The Mission of LTER Education is to use the uniqueness of the LTER Network to promote learning about long-term ecological processes and the earth's ecosystems.

Schoolyard Sites

NEW - Children's Book Series

View the 2004 Schoolyard LTER Survey Results

LTER Education Handbook

This handbook provides an overview of LTER education efforts and shares some frameworks, materials, and best practices that have been developed and tested at LTER sites. Most of the chapters relate to LTER education efforts aimed at the K-12 community.


LTER Children's Books:

NEW - Sea Secrets
California Current Ecosystems LTER/Palmer Station LTER

Sea Secrets Cover

The Lost Seal
McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER

My Water Comes from the Mountains
Niwot Ridge LTER


A study of the Taiga biome
. Part of the Bonanza Creek SLTER program
SLTER Success Stories


Schoolyard Updates:

Baltimore Ecosystem Study

First Maryland Leaf Packers Community Collaborative Comparing Urban and Rural Streams

Florida Coastal Everglades

FCE Intern Wins Environmental Sciences Competition at Florida Science Fair


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